Stairlift Repairs & Emergency Stairlift Repairs

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Stairlift repairs throughout Cornwall and Devon

Over a period of time all stairlifts will experience a problem, minor or major because of their frequent use and the function of a stairlift. Arrow lifts provide a 24 hour call out stairlift repair service with a fast response to get you back up and running in the shortest possible time. With all the different components present in a stairlift it is important to do something early as what is a small problem today, if left un repaired could be a very expensive one tomorrow.

Give Arrow lifts a call as soon you notice the damage, remember we offer a stairlift survey and quotation and of course you are under no obligation to say yes. Our stairlift engineers are all security CRB vetted and highly trained and experienced and have your stairlift repaired in a jiffy.

We pride ourselves on offering a reliable, trustworthy and a dependable service, so when you call us we will always aim to have your stairlift working correctly. We are a local independent stairlift company who have stairlift engineers based in Devon and Cornwall, so please feel free to call and ask how we can help you.

Consider a regular stairlift service plan and eliminate unexpected bills

Has your stairlift warranty ran out? why not consider putting a stairlift service contract in its place. Give Arrow Lifts a call if you have noticed any problems as addressing any issues at an early stage can help to keep repair cost low. A visit from one of our trained stairlift engineers could save you the expense of replacing an expensive parts, in some cases a simple stairlift repair or stairlift part can amount to more than the cost of an annual stairlift service contract, call us today to find out more.

We also offer Stairlift rental

Why rent? Reduced initial cost! Rental stairlifts only require a one off installation charge & small monthly charge.

Or maybe a reconditioned Stairlift

Reconditioned stairlifts are the ideal choice for you if your budget is the most important aspect of your decision.

24 Hour or Emergency Stairlift Repairs

  • Any make or model of stairlift repaired
  • Fast response to your repair request
  • Experienced stairlift engineers
  • Service and repair contracts available
  • Local independent stairlift company
  • Competitively priced stairlift repairs
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Whatever your stairlift requirements are please contact us to arrange a no obligation survey & quotation