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Operating on the larger side of the small service lift, a Trolley Lift has all the benefits of a small service lift, but is capable of lifting up to 1500kg. Trolley lifts offer robust and dependable floor to floor movement of goods with a quick, simple installation. Operating inside a rapidly-erected framework minimal building work is required. As Trolley Lifts do not need a separate motor room or load-bearing shaft, disruption and costs are significantly reduced. For small and medium sized goods such as trolleys, beer barrels, boxes, crates , retail goods, or industrial equipment.

Trolley lifts offer versatility, which is why they are used in wide ranging applications from hospitals, public houses, retail, libraries to industrial and office facilities. Injuries resulting from repetitive movement, incorrect or improper lifting techniques can have devastating health implications to employees. Associated costs, including lost productivity, training replacement staff and lawsuits, cost businesses thousands of pounds a year. Installing a Trolley Lift can help to reduce manual handling and prevent workers sustaining such injuries, and enable you to and have your goods exactly where you want them, when you want them, and with minimal hassle.

Over 20 years experience

We are one of Cornwall & Devon's leading Trolley lift installation & servicing experts.

Latest Technology

All of our Trolley Lifts utilise the latest innovative engineering

Safety is standard

All Lifts meet the Safety Requirements following lift testing and commissioning

Ongoing service and support.

We can provide servicing, maintenance Lift testing and Lift inspections.

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Commercial, or public buildings Arrow lifts can help

Commercial or public property we install Trolley lifts that are most suited to your specific needs. We have installed many different types of Trolley Lifts into a multitude of property types, care homes, hotels, retail, industrial and offices to name a few.

If your budget won't allow for the purchase of a new Trolley Lift

If you have an existing Trolley lift and cannot afford to replace it with a brand new installation we can also offer a Lift modernisation or Lift refurbishment solution that may be a better option for you.

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