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Arrow Lifts understand that installing any type of Lift is a major decison and one that can only be made after careful consultation with someone who has knowledge and experience. We use our 20 years experience of the Lift Industry to help you make a choice that is most suited to your environment and requirements. One of the major benefits of a Through-the-Floor-Lift is that it does not restrict or change the width of your stairs by having a stairlift installed. A through the floor lift can be stored upstairs during the daytime leaving your downstairs room as open and usable as it always has been, and vice versa at night. The access point of your through the floor lift can be installed in any room as long as there is sufficient room for the physical size of the lift. The installation of a through floor lift is straightforward and our expert lift installers will keep disruption to your home to a minimum, after an initial survey and any necessary preparatory work through the floor lifts can often be fitted in approximately two days.

Whether a commercial, private or public building Arrow lifts can help

Advances in lift technology and design make through the floor lifts a viable alternative to Stairlifts, they look and behave like a conventional passenger lift, whilst benefiting from simple installation, and low running costs. Through the floor lifts have many of the features of standard passenger lifts, automatic controls, an enclosed lift car, call systems automatic lighting and in event of power failure, battery back-up system allows operation of car in the down direction by normal controls with all safety systems in operation. Wheelchair through floor lifts make all floors in any property easily accessible to wheelchair users. Both hydraulic and traction drive systems are available allowing weights of up to 36 stone to be carried in the lift, if you have a house with more than one floor, the traction drive option will allow extended heights of up to 3.6 metres. A Through-the-Floor-Lift offers a safe, quiet and convenient way to move between floors, whilst comfortably and securely seated.

Over 20 years experience

Arrow Lifts are one of Cornwall and Devon's leading lift installation experts.

Latest Technology

All of our passenger lifts utilise the latest innovative lift engineering

Safety is standard

All lifts meet the Safety Requirements following lift testing and commissioning

Ongoing service and support.

We can provide servicing, maintenance lift testing and lift inspections.

Through the Floor Lifts Bodmin Through the Floor Lifts Truro Through the Floor Lifts Newquay Through the Floor Lifts Cornwall

Commercial, private or public buildings Arrow lifts can help

Property developer, residential or commercial property we can install a platform lift that is the most suited to your specific needs. We have installed different types of platform lift into a multitude of property types, such as hotels, offices, retail, government buildings, residential flats and private dwellings and some more unusual ones too.

If your budget won't allow for the purchase of a new Platform lift

If you have an existing platform lift and cannot afford to replace it with a brand new installation we can also offer a lift modernisation and platform lift refurbishment solution that may be better for you.

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