We install, Maintain, and Repair Scenic passenger Lifts throughout Devon and Cornwall

Scenic Lifts Glass Passenger lifts Devon and Cornwall, Plymouth, Exeter, Torquay

When a passenger lift in a building is required to combine its vertical transport role with that of being a feature of the building, the result is the Scenic Passenger Lift. The combination of the practical passenger lift application and the fact that your Scenic Passenger Lift offers views into the building or surrounding area make it a real eye catching feature to your property. Arrow lifts can supply and install an extensive range of scenic glass lifts of outstanding design for shopping centres, sports facilities, offices, public buildings.

This type of lift solution is generally at the leading edge of technology where state of the art electro mechanical design is blended seamlessly into the character of either a modern new build or maybe historic building where the lift is to be a key feature. The technology used enables lifts to be fully compliant with EN 81, the highest standards of safety, excellent ride quality due to precision speed control and noise reduction plus the added benefit of energy efficiency. Arrow lifts provide scenic passenger lift solutions to customer requirements, whether you are a property developer, an existing building owner or an architect, our scenic lifts offer an ideal choice to enhance your property.

Over 20 years experience

We are one of Cornwall & Devon's leading Scenic lift installation & servicing experts.

Latest Technology

All of our Scenic passenger Lifts utilise the latest innovative engineering

Safety is standard

All Lifts meet the Safety Requirements following lift testing and commissioning

Ongoing service and support.

We can provide servicing, maintenance Lift testing and Lift inspections.

Scenic Lifts Glass Passenger lifts Devon and Cornwall, Plymouth, Exeter, Torquay

Arrow lifts install and maintain a wide range of Scenic Passenger lifts

Commercial or public property we install Scenic lifts that are most suited to your specific needs. We have installed many different types of Scenic Lifts into a multitude of property types, both internal and external.

If your budget won't allow for the purchase of a new Lift installation

If you have an existing passenger lift and cannot afford to replace it with a brand new installation we can also offer a Lift modernisation or Lift refurbishment solution that may be a better option for you at this moment in time.

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