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Modern dumbwaiters are generally controlled by an electronic motor and some are now even going one step further and have automatic control systems. New dumbwaiters are capable of carrying much heavier loads; 50kg to 100kg of books, documents, products, food or medical equipment to be transported between floors. It seems fair to say that the tradition of the dumbwaiter, somewhat overshadowed by the advent of the service lift, is being kept alive because the principles behind it are ever changing so dumbwaiters do still have advantages in the modern world.

Dumbwaiters allow, when adopted into an office setting, heavy documents to be transported quickly between floors, for numerous hot meals to be delivered in a public house or restaurant, medical records and equipment in a health clinic, or cash being moved in a casino all of which saves time, money and removes the need for manual handling. Dumbwaiters, food lifts or small service lifts are invaluable to many businesses and organisations because of the assistance they provide and how cost effective they are.

Dumbwaiters, Service lifts Repair, Maintenance & Service

As we are all aware, lifts can break down at the most inconvenient of times, when they do call us and we will send an engineer to attend as soon as possible. To reduce the chance of breakdown why not ask about our dumbwaiter and small service lift maintenance and servicing contracts.

Over 20 years experience

Arrow Lifts are one of Cornwall and Devon's leading dumb waiter installation experts.

Latest Technology

All of our dumb waiters & Service lifts utilise the latest innovative lift engineering

Safety is standard

All lifts meet the Safety Requirements following lift testing and commissioning

Ongoing service and support.

We can provide servicing, maintenance lift testing and lift inspections.

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Understanding and flexible approach to your requirements

We can offer new installation or refurbishment of your existing dumbwaiter or service lift, Arrow lifts use a wide variety of products all backed up by our service and maintenance options. At Arrow lifts we really do believe in going the extra mile to provide the correct solution for you.

If your budget won't allow for the purchase of a new Dumb Waiter or Service lift

If you have an existing lift and cannot afford to replace it with a brand new installation we can also offer a service lift modernisation and service lift refurbishment solution that may be a better option for you.

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